The Mission

To achieve REAL and LONG LASTING social and behavioural change, we Recruit, Nurture, Mobilise and Showcase people like YOU to become voluntary blood, organ and stem cell donors.

In every community, someone cares about the health and well being of their members, someone is impacted by a health issue that needs the community to rally around and support, someone sees how poor attitudes and behaviours blight the lives of those around them.

Whether it’s the loss of a loved one to kidney failure, the constant battle to manage episodes of sickle cell crises or the simple decision to answer the rallying cry for more blood donors, these individual feel the urge to DO something.

By raising the public’s consciousness about issues relating to blood and organ donation, we find such people.

We challenge them to take action, join our community of like-minded purpose-driven individuals all across the world and be the change they want to see.

Find out how to donate, volunteer or become a member

Donating regularly, spearheading a movement, organising a community and working towards social change can be long, lonely, frustrating and physically and emotionally demanding.

Often, leaders don’t know what to do, what practical help is available or how to tell if they are really making any progress.

We provide them with a platform for social networking, sharing frustrations, bouncing ideas of each other, collaboration and finding an empathetic shoulder to cry on.

We also offer practical help in the form of capacity building, knowledge and resource sharing and access to funding opportunities and key policy makers.

We provide opportunities for them to donate – blood, organs and stem cells – and support them all the way through the process. We also link them up to other health promotion activities occurring in their local areas.

For those that want to play a more active role in recruiting others, we enable them to raise awareness about blood and organ donation by creating and distributing media, entertainment and resources that inform, educate, and excite the public.

Co-creating these assets with our network ensures that they reflect the needs, cultures, norms, preferences, motivations and challenges of the different communities they will be used in.

We support and empower our network to then run safe, convenient and fun donation activities with practical help, access to funding and opportunities to participate in global, national and larger scale initiatives.

So often we are told that help comes from outside; a white knight that will charge in to save the day, a caring government that will put people before politics or a deity that will stop the sun in its tracks.

But history, experience, common sense and even the holy books say otherwise. Change, real change that meets the needs of those suffering, usually comes from within.

The reason we don’t hear about that is because its the ones with the deepest pockets, the largest microphones and the institutionalised privileges that get to set the narrative.

We bring greater visibility to our network and the fantastic work they are doing, often in far flung reaches of the globe or within closed communities.

We give them a voice and recognise their contributions by telling their stories and sharing their life changing adventures with the world.