Our movie is out NOW! 
Catch it as we tour the UK!

Tour dates & venues

1st Oct 2022
Southwark, London

Spring Community Hub invites you to catch the movie at their Nigerian Independence Event on Saturday, 1st October, 12pm – 9pm.

Lewington Centre. 9 Eugenia Road, Rotherhithe, London, SE16 2RU.

15th Oct 2022
Hornchurch, London

Havering BME Forum will be screening the movie at their Community Cultural Celebration on Saturday, 15th October, 12pm – 4.30pm.

Langtons Gardens, Hornchurch, RM11 1XH

£1 entry fee for all 12yrs+

15th October 2022
East Horsley, Surrey

Chosen Women Outreach will be showing the film to their members at their 2022 Conference , 14th – 16th October 2022.

De Vere Hotel, Horsley Park, East Horsley.




A Living Legacy

In 2021, Action On Blood was one of 35 community projects in England that received Government funding through the BAME Community Investment Scheme led by NHS Blood and Transplant, to address the urgent need for more lifesaving blood and organ donors from black, Asian, mixed race and minority
ethnic backgrounds.

Recognising the power of film, we knew that a movie – and specifically a Nollywood one (Nollywood is the second largest film industry in the world, bigger than Hollywood) – had the potential to engage large numbers and incite conversations. We wanted to produce a movie capable of changing attitudes and behaviours around donation. Our strategy was to involve the Black community in all aspects of the production – from script development to soundtrack to acting and promotion – and get them talking about these issues that really affect people in our community but we never discuss.

We wanted to remove the secrecy about what people with long term and life-limiting conditions are really going through, the impact on their families and how hard it is to be dependent on the generosity of strangers to keep you alive and well. On the other hand, we felt it was important to shine a light on the real
complexities that family dynamics, generational gaps, cultural and religious practices bring to how Black people approach health matters.

As people with sickle cell disorder, a genetic condition prevalent in Black populations, can require blood transfusions and organ transplants as part of their medical care, we chose to base our film on their stories and those of the families that love them.

Follow this link to find out more about the need for black blood donors and to register to donate blood.

Follow this link to register your organ donation decision.

Watch the movie!

Rather than showing A Living Legacy at cinemas or getting it on TV, we first wanted to take it TO the communities we produced the film for! 

That’s right – the only way to see A Living Legacy is to go to one of the many screening events, up and down the country, hosted by Black organisations and groups*.

You can find details of upcoming events at the top of this page or search for notices on the Instagram, Facebook, website and YouTube pages of the individual organisations.

We are adding new dates and new venues all the time.  So come back to these pages REGULARLY to check for updates!

* Select NHS hospitals and blood donation centres are also screening the movie.

Host a screening!

If you lead an organisation with a predominantly Black membership or you wish to engage your Black members or service users more, YOU too can host your own screening event. We have screenings hosted by churches (Pentecostal, Methodist, Evangelical and Church of England), mosques, alumni groups, rotary clubs, associations, charities, women support groups, workplace diversity groups, and even groups of friends passionate about helping others to save lives.  Whatever size, composition or legal identity your group takes, you CAN HOST A SCREENING.

We have developed 3 screening packages that should support every type of event. Hopefully, you will find one that suits your needs and those of the people you wish to empower.

To host a screening, contact us on engage@actiononblood.org